+44 7786 200585

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Details about this number 07786200585
Approximated location is Unknown. Possible phone number formats are 07786 200585, +44 7786 200585, +44-7786-200585, (7786) 200585, 00447786200585, +447786200585, 7786200585, 077 8620 0585, 0778 8620 585, 07786 862 585, 0044 7786200585, +44 7786200585, 07786200585.
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Post by Anonymous, 7 day ago

Marbles credit card, told me the last 3 transactions, 1 wasn't mine so i called the number on the back of the card and they had sent the text, card cancelled and new one sent out....

Post by Anonymous, 1 day ago

This was a genuine text asking me to reply Y or N as to whether a £1 had been spent on my Marbles Card. I had a previous text from Marble asking me to answer the text. An immediate temporary restriction was placed on my card when I said no as it was in the early hours of the morning

Post by Anonymous, 23 day ago

This isn’t a legit number - like any bank or credit card they call YOU, ALSO if you got a text already from aqua about a possible transaction, why then follow up with a text from a random Vodafone number after??? DONT REPLY

Post by K, 8 hour ago

Definitely Aqua fraud department because I received a text asking for Y or N for 7 payments to Google Play and I immediately texted N with a call back from Aqua fraud in about a minute. I didn't have to give any of my details like card number, pin or password etc but they had all my details, including my name and address. The number which called me back was from Aqua Security and not the number I received the text from so texts from this number are genuine and just texting Y or N will sort any queries etc that Aqua have and it's a bit daft not to reply really

Post by Anonymous, 6 day ago

Aqua fraud department, rung my land line and mobile asking to call a number back, now texted, with details of an unusual purchase I didn't make. Just went online and checked nothing has been used since I last used card. Don't Reply!

Post by Anonymous, 13 day ago

First a txt from Aqua (I think not) arrives to inform you of a possible fraudulent transaction and states you will receive a txt from this number and you just need to answer yes or no. The txt arreves but the date format is no UK standard and the intro looks like a '419' or similar... don't reply!

Post by Anonymous, 14 day ago

Aqua credit card fraud dept.

Post by Anonymous, 17 day ago

This is from new day cards fraud department. If you’ve made a recent in usual credit card payment they may get in touch with you.
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